The following safety protocols at Valero docks are now in effect until further notice:

  1. DOI’s to be performed by email.  They will need to be signed, scanned and emailed to the vessel and then the same back to the terminal.  All DOI’s must be signed.
  2. Crew changes are not to take place at the berth.  All crew changes are to be completed at anchor.  Any crew changes prior to arrival at the dock (i.e., while at anchor) are to be communicated to the terminal, including where the individuals joined the vessel from (country and state/province).  A case by case decision will be made regarding docking based on when the crew change took place and the nation/area of origin of the on-signing crewmember.
  3. All shore leave is to be provide by Valero via launch.  Launches will run at reasonable times (0800, 1200, 1600, and 2000) and the crew and personnel boarding via launch are the sole responsibility of the vessel.  Note: although no curfew is in place through greater New Orleans, most stores are closing at 2100 to restock and all nighttime entertainment is secured at 0000.  After consulting with the Coast Guard these times were deemed to meet seafarer’s access requirements.
  4. All non-essential personnel are not to attend the vessel.  If Valero personnel are to attend, proper social distance and sanitary procedures will be followed.  They are not to enter the accommodation space, or any deck houses or forepeak spaces.
  5. All regulatory personnel are allowed unfettered access to the vessel