The Corps’ Mississippi Valley New Orleans (MVN) does not intend to open any bays on the Bonnet Carré  Spillway today (Wednesday, March 13, 2019) there are no plans to open any additional bays.  The MVN manages the opening of bays in order to keep the maximum flow at New Orleans at/or below the trigger point flow of 1.25 million cubic feet per second (cfs).  The MVN will continue to oversee the operation of the Spillway as a flood control structure in accordance with the approved Bonnet Carré  Spillway Water Control Manual.

The MVN advises that the river stage above the Spillway crested yesterday (March 12, 2019).  The latest maximum flow projection is 1.455 million cfs, this projection is based on the measured flow at Red River Landing, with timing adjusted for downriver. 

                                                                  BONNET CARRÉ  SPILLWAY OPERATIONS             

2/27/1916.02 feet282823,000 cfs
2/28/1916.20 feet204837,000 cfs
3/1/1915.99 feet408875,000 cfs
3/2/1916.00 feet2010893,000 cfs
3/3/1916.30 feet010895,000 cfs
3/4/1916.50 feet40148133,000 cfs
3/5/1916.5 feet0148144,000 cfs
3/6/1916.6 feet0148148,000 cfs
3/7/1916.6 feet20168169,000 cfs
3/8/1916.6. feet20188187,000 cfs
3/9/1916.7 feet0188191,000 cfs
3/10/1916.75 feet10198196,000 cfs
3/11/1916.6 feet8206196,000 cfs
3/12/1916.8 feet0206196,000 cfs
3/13/1916.8 feet0206202,000 cfs

The operation of the Bonnet Carré Spillway will artificially control the crest at 16.8 feet (approximately) and maintain the maximum flow at New Orleans at or below 1.25 million cfs. The Carrolton Gauge forecasts indicate the artificially controlled crest has now been reached at 16.8 feet (March 12, 2019) and is forecast to remain at that stage until April 5, 2019 before beginning a slow fall.  There may be another rise in mid-April, high river conditions are expected to continue for the next few months.