In accordance with 33 CFR 161.11, Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) is implementing a one-way traffic measure on the Lower Mississippi River (LMR) from MM 153 to MM 155 AHP due to a sunken barge at MM154.0 Approximately 600ft off the LDB. Vessels are directed to transit at slowest safe speed and to give a wide berth in the vicinity of the sunken barge. Additionally, Belmont Anchorage will be limited to one vessel at a time.
For more information, contact the VTS LMR on VHF FM CH 05A or at (504) 365-2514. Updates and/or changes will be broadcast via Safety Broadcast Notice to Mariners and/or industry-wide email distribution.

Tony Marinelli, Watch Supervisor
U.S. Coast Guard
Vessel Traffic Service Lower Mississippi River
200 Hendee Street, Suite 300
New Orleans, LA 70114