Atlantic Daily Briefing

Tropical Cyclone Development Outlook

Active Systems

Other Disturbances / Areas to Watch
We will be monitoring the area southeast of Newfoundland next week, near where Debby formed. Some of the models are indicating that another system may form there. The chance of tropical or subtropical development within the next 7 days is 25 percent. If anything were to form, it should move to the north or northeast. This would keep it away from land areas.

Disturbance 25 is along 27.5W. It is moving to the west near 20 mph. The disturbance remains disorganized, though there is some ensemble support for limited development. The chance of development is only raised to 10 percent due to the lack of organization.

Disturbance 23 is located in the extreme eastern Caribbean. It is moving to the west near 20-25 mph. While tropical development will not occur, there could be enhanced rainfall for the Leeward and Windward Islands today.

Debby merged with a frontal boundary. It is no longer an identifiable feature.

Meteorologist: Derek Ortt