UPDATE MVN 60-Day Lock Status Forecast 71618

MVN 60-Day Lock Status Forecast 71618.pdf

The Corps’ Mississippi Valley New Orleans (MVN) District’s Lock and Waterway Status 60-Day Forecast as issued today (July 16, 2018) is attached.

The status report updates conditions on the on the Bayou Boeuf, Calcasieu and Bayou Sorrel Locks:

The information for the Gate Removal at the Bayou Boeuf Lock is reproduced below:

“Bayou Boeuf Lock remains closed for navigation until the gates are pulled for refurbishment at which time the lock will be open to navigation operating in open pass. The gates are anticipated to be pulled this week.

The lock will remain in open pass until gates are completed being refurbished or until unanticipated river levels cause it to close.  If gates are refurbished as planned, they will be ready to be installed

by mid-October at which time the lock will be closed for navigation for 60 days while it is dewatered and lock repairs are completed.”


The intermittent and scheduled closures at the Calcasieu Lock due to ongoing chamber guide wall work is reproduced below:


           “Calcasieu Lock will be closed to navigation intermittently Monday through Friday from 7 am until 5 pm each day. This schedule will continue until approximately 1 December 2019.”


The following information on the impact of the Calcasieu Lock closures is reproduced in its entirety as distributed by the Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association (GICA):

“This morning, after locking about 113 tows through the weekend, the Calcasieu queue was about 80. Industry self-help and USACE lockmaster efforts to speed up lockings has been marginally successful, but increased traffic and delays caused by the narrowed lock chamber continue to result in significantly high lock turn numbers day-to-day. Average delays are about 2.5 days at the lock.

Tow industry Captains and Port Captains working with lockman during the evenings and this weekend report that some delays can be avoided:

  • By crews reporting accurate and full info when getting on queue
  • By crews manning the radio and reducing missed call outs
  • By moving with traffic as tows progress toward their lockings – reducing congestion and slow movements
  • By reducing redundant calls to a busy lockman…use LPMS for data needs (see below)
  • By making best and efficient use of assist boats as needed

Meanwhile USACE will be trying to reduce turnaround times by increasing one way lockings (15 each way). Additionally, USACE is considering additional construction down times to allow for more lockings.

Mariners, shippers, dispatchers and others can monitor the Calcasieu Lock queues (and any locks in the inland system) by visiting the USACE Lock Performance Monitoring System (LPMS) website:

http://corpslocks.usace.army.mil/lpwb/f?p=121:3:0::NO:::   This site can give you valuable info on where your boat stands, average locking times, delay times expected and numbers of tows locked in a certain time period.”

The updated information for the scheduled dewatering of Bayou Sorrel Lock is reproduced below:


Commencing on approximately 15 August 2018 and continuing until approximately 15
November 2018, Bayou Sorrel Lock will be closed to navigation 24 hours a day, 7
days a week, due to dewatering operations at the south end gates.”