SubChapter M Inspected Towing Vessel Decision Aid: TugSafe Central

The USCG has expanded their Subchapter M help-site called ‘TugSafe Central’ to include two new sections:
Appeals and Alternate Compliance Options
Other improvements and enhancements are also included in the expanded version.
Here’s the link —> TugSafe Central

The official USCG announcement is below.
TugSafe Lite has been expanded and retitled TugSafe Central. Whether you’re a CG field inspector, a TPO, or industry, TugSafe Central is an online source for Subchapter M compliance requirements and guidance.  The expansion includes two new sections: Appeals and Alternate Compliance Options and TPO and TSMS.  Additionally, new user-friendly functionality includes links to regulatory cites, links to Coast Guard guidance documents, and a link to a downloadable electronic version that is also printer friendly.

TugSafe Central should not be used as a standalone source to determine compliance with Subchapter M. Some items are not applicable to every towing vessel, so those utilizing this information should understand how to determine regulatory applicability, or use the Inspected Towing Vessel Decision Aid (aka TugSafe) to generate a customized regulatory checklist for a specific vessel.

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