USCG MSIB – LMR VTS Measure MM 90-91 AHP – General Anchorage

Salvage operations in General Anchorage are complete.

The anchorage is open and normal vessel traffic is authorized.

Reminder:  General Anchorage Vessel Length Restriction – General Anchorage is limited to

vessels of 500’ LOA or less when the New Orleans (Carrollton) Gauge measures 8’ or
less. (Click here)
As of 0900 local today, the Carrollton Gauge measured 5.70 feet.
Waterway Status Update - VTS Measure MM 90 - 91 AHP LMR

All salvage operations in General Anchorage are complete. Vessels may resume normal traffic between MM 90 and 91 AHP. General Anchorage is open. 

Effective immediately, Marine Safety Information Bulletin, Volume XVIII, Issue 026, is rescinded.

For further information, contact:

Coast Guard Sector New Orleans Command Center:  (504) 365-2200
Coast Guard Waterways Management: (504) 365-2280
Vessel Traffic Service Lower Mississippi River: (504) 365-2230, VHF FM Ch. 05A, 12, 67