Southern Currents 18-032

Southern Currents 18-032.pdf

SUBJECT LIMITED: Trade Community Parking Spots in Front of the New Orleans Customhouse

On Monday June 25, 2018the parking spots reserved for Trade Partners in front of the U.S. Customhouse at 423 Canal Street will be limited due to the filming of a movie inside the building. Additionally on Monday the movie company has permitted with the City of New Orleans for the use of the two (2) metered parking spots on Canal Street closest to Decatur St.

Effective Tuesday June 26, 2018 these spots will be available as usual.

As a reminder, vessel agents are able enter and clear vessels throughout the New Orleans Tri-port, which includes the Ports of Gramercy and Baton Rouge.

I appreciate your patience and understanding.

Contact Assistant Port Director Mark Choina at (504) 670-2287 or via e-mail at mark.choina@dhs.govwith any questions.