The Big River Coalition’s U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) 2023/2024 Revetment Schedule and Transit Restrictions Update 31424 is here for your reference, please review for comprehensive details.


The revetment operations have been completed at the Neptune location (Mile 23.1 Above Head of Passes – on the left descending bank [eastern side]) and are expected to start at the Poydras location at 0600 hours tomorrow. 


The transit restrictions for the work at the Avondale location (Mile 84.3 Above Head of Passes – on the left descending bank [eastern side]) have been updated and will have more impact on vessel transits than originally planned. 


*The Lower Nine Mile Anchorage will be off limits for vessel usage. One-way coordinated transits for deep draft and line tow traffic under a slow bell until revetment operations are completed. 

The MSU is not required to fold in at night. Work at Poydras location scheduled from Friday, March 15 to Friday March 22 (2024) – working daily from 0600 hours to 1900 hours. 


The pilots have requested that the Lower 9 Mile Anchorage (Mile 85.0 AHP to Mile 82.6 AHP) not be utilized by vessels while the revetment operations are ongoing at the Poydras location. The Crescent River Port Pilots Association plans to move vessels anchored above Mile 84 AHP overnight and to not place any more vessels in this anchorage until the revetment operations are completed.