During the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) effort to deepen the Mississippi River Ship Channel (MRSC) in May 2021 questions arose about several pipelines in the Venice Corridor (Mile 13 AHP to Mile 11 AHP).  The situation first arose when the hopper dredge GLENN EDWARDS (Manson Construction) was working on channel maintenance in this area above the Venice Jump. Manson Construction requested more details on the pipelines in the area and dredging the Venice Corridor was not preformed. There were several other pipelines in the corridor that raised concerns, the USACE reviewed all data sets and order the pipeline owners to provide accurate surveys of their pipelines. The concerns about the other pipelines in this corridor were removed, but the twin Gulf South 10-inch inactive natural gas pipelines at Mile 11.7 AHP are the only pipelines that USACE ordered removed. The pipeline removal operations are expected to commence as scheduled and equipment continues to be moved into the area.