The government dustpan dredge JADWIN is expected to commence dredging operations at Alhambra Crossing (Mile 191 Above Head of Passes [AHP]) by Thursday, May 21, 2020.  The White Castle Anchorage (Mile 191.1 AHP to Mile 190.4 AHP) will be off limits for vessel usage while the JADWIN is working at this location. 

The NOBRA and Federal Pilots intend to have the White Castle Anchorage cleared of vessels by 0900 hours on Thursday, May 21, 2020 and to keep it clear until dredging operations are completed. 

This assignment is expected to last approximately three to four weeks and the White Castle Anchorage will remain off limits until the assignment at Alhambra Crossing is completed.

The closure of the White Castle Anchorage is utilized to promote navigational safety for the dustpan dredges and vessels transiting this reach of the Ship Channel.