The industry dustpan dredge WALLACE McGEORGE is expected to dredge at Alhambra Crossing (Mile 190.5 Above Head of Passes [AHP]) beginning tomorrow morning, Friday, November 3, 2023.  The White Castle Anchorage (Mile 191.1 AHP to Mile 190.4 AHP) will be unavailable for vessel usage while the WALLACE McGEORGE is dredging at Alhambra Crossing.


SCHEDULED CLOSURE OF WHITE CASTLE ANCHORAGE: Beginning at 0800 hours on November 3 with the closure scheduled to be completed on the morning of Monday, November 6 at 0800 hours (2023).


The White Castle Anchorage will be off limits for vessel usage by the NOBRA and Federal Pilots beginning the morning of Friday, November 3 until the morning of Monday, November 6 (2023) as the WALLACE McGEORGE dredges at Alhambra Crossing.

Historical closures of the White Castle Anchorage to accommodate dredging operations at Alhambra are conducted to promote navigational safety for the dustpan dredges and vessels transiting this reach of the Ship Channel.