SC 24-002

This trade notice informs vessel carriers that the CBP Tri-Port (New Orleans, Gramercy, and Baton Rouge) is rescinding Southern Currents # 18-028 requiring a Customs Cargo Entry number i.e. consumption entry, Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) entry, In-bond number for bulk shipments on the CBP Form 3171 (Lade Order) and/or the Vessel Entrance and Clearance System [VECS] Arrival Notice.

Although a Customs Entry Number is no longer required for CBP to approve a Lade Order or VECS Arrival Notice, a Port Director may, based on operational requirements, request Customs Cargo Entry information from the carrier prior to a vessel arrival in the port of entry, or before cargo unlading begins.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Port Director James Welch at 225-268-9454 or at