SC 23-025-2

U.S Customs and Border Protection at MSY has continued to assist our Stakeholders with an informed compliance process as we exited the global pandemic. We have all seen change in the way our industry operates and conducts business. Unfortunately, as we continue to assist our partners, CBP is still seeing violations of national policy within our Federal inspection services (FIS) area. We ask that you take this time to review all CBP FIS regulations not only for your knowledge but also to educate your employees as many are new to your companies. CBP will immediately resume issuing penalties for violations found in the FIS.

19 CFR § 122.181 Definition of Customs security area.

The term Customs security area means the Federal inspection services area at any airport accommodating international air commerce designated for processing passengers, crew, their baggage, and effects arriving from, or departing to, foreign countries, as well as the aircraft deplaning and ramp area and other restricted areas designated by the Port Director. These areas will be posted as restricted to the extent possible and are established for the purpose of prohibiting unauthorized entries or contact with persons or objects.

Anyone accessing the areas mentioned above should be credentialed with a CBP seal logo on their MSY Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) badge. A CBP supervisor is the only person that can approve a non-CBP badged employee to conduct business inside of the FIS.

A visitor badge may be obtained for a temporary employee who is in possession of an active SIDA badge and does not need permanent access to the FIS area. Depending on the work they will perform, the individual may require an escort while in the FIS area. A request for visitor badges should be made in advance as each individual must be vetted by CBP.  If approved, the request will be granted for a limited time period.

Finally, employees should be reminded that the CBP FIS area is only to be accessed for official business as it is considered a sterile corridor. Using the FIS area as a shortcut to other areas of the terminal is strictly prohibited.

CBP will continue to work with our partners to ensure safe and successful operations at MSY.  Any questions regarding this notice should be directed to Customs and Border Protection Airport Supervisor Kevin Ello at (504) 303-7663 or