On July 27, 2023 the Captain of the Port rescinded the Vessel Traffic Service Safety Measures, outlined in MSIB Volume XXIII, Issue 047 that established one-way traffic at MM 63.8 Above Head of Passes. The saltwater wedge has receded downstream and further raising of the sill is not necessary at this time. The current sill height sits 55’ below the waterline.

All are reminded that future construction on the sill may be needed requiring additional safety measures and/or draft restrictions. The U.S. Coast Guard will coordinate closely with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to provide updates as soon as that information becomes available.

Alliance Anchorage is reopened to all vessels.

For further information, contact the following:
Sector New Orleans Command Center (24 hour): (504) 365-2545
Vessel Traffic Service (24 hour): (504) 365-2514, VHF FM Ch. 05A, 12, 67
Sector New Orleans Waterways Management: (504) 365-2280 or