LAMA’s report on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Mississippi River Maintenance Forum meeting held yesterday morning, Wednesday, April 5, 2023 is here and the corresponding agenda is here.

The USACE also offered an update on operations to control the loss of flow at Neptune Pass located at approximately Mile 24 Above Head of Passes on the left descending bank (eastern side). The USACE continues monitoring the bank stabilization and has worked to control the expansion of the crevasse through the placement of rocks along the bank line in the larger crevasse where recorded flows over 120,000 cubic feet per second have been recorded. The USACE plans to construct a control structure (sill type structure) inside of the crevasse in an effort to further prevent the crevasse from capturing more of the flow from the main channel (thalweg). Last year for the first time ever the USACE had to respond to shoaling at Neptune Pass as pilots reported the flow was impacting or pulling vessels toward the eastern side. Neptune Pass is one of several crevasses of concern on the eastern side of the Mississippi River Ship Channel between Belle Chasse and the Head of Passes.