Due to the USACE Revetment Operations and planned pipeline removal operations, the NOBRA Safety Advisory Committee (SAC) has implemented the following:
All vessels traversing northbound and southbound between Burnside (MM 165) and Baton Rouge shall maintain two pilots on board.  NOBRA pilots shall work in two pilot teams actively working together with one pilot serving as the conning pilot and other serving as the resource pilot. (See Note 1)
Clarification:  Captain Wattingney has clarified that the above restriction applies to vessels drafting 41 feet or greater.
Note 1 – Any ship 41 feet or greater choosing to traverse the restricted zone at nighttime between MM 180 AHP through MM 234 AHP shall utilize two pilots.  The first pilot will accept the original orders and apply the change rules applicable to their order.  The second pilot ordered will be assigned to northbound vessels at a Burnside change.  The same will be applicable for any second pilot making a southbound change at Burnside.  The second pilot on a southbound change shall depart the vessel at Burnside.
These restrictions should run concurrently with the aforementioned projects and remain in effect until completion.

Scheduled Revetment Operations:
Allendale (MM 239.3)
  • Sept 18 to Oct 2

White Castle (MM 192.7 to 193.6)
  • Oct 3-7
  • Oct 10-15
  • Nov 16-18
  • Nov 21-26
Pipeline Removal Operations:
  • TBD