Regarding Alliance Anchorage – MM 63 to MM 66 AHOP
Beginning April 24, 2022 and continuing until further notice: 

• All vessels transiting from MM 63 to MM 66 shall contact the on-scene dredge, M/V J.S. CHATRY on VHF channel 16, 67 or (985) 237-5041 to coordinate passing and/or anchoring arrangements. 
• Mariners are urged to use extreme caution and transit the area at their slowest safe speed. 
• Vessels seeking to anchor in Alliance Anchorage shall coordinate with the CG Designated Representative. The Designated Representative is the Master of the on-scene dredge, M/V J.S. CHATRY. 
• Vessels anchoring in Alliance Anchorage shall provide a minimum one-half mile separation between their anchored position and the on-scene dredge unless a deviation is authorized by the Designated  Representative. 
• Vessels anchored in Alliance Anchorage who come to interfere with the dredging operations will be required to move.