The Big River Coalition’s Corps 2021 Revetment Schedule and Transit Restrictions Update 6821 is here for your reference.

The updated schedule of work as provided by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on May 24, 2021 is here.

Please note the transit restrictions established around the revetment operations are tentative and subject to change based on the unknown nature of long-term river stage predictions.

The first revetment operations on the Mississippi River Ship Channel are scheduled to start at Missouri Bend (Mile 220.7 Above Head of Passes) in early November (2021).

Please note that the transit restrictions at the Missouri Bend will cease daytime deep-draft or ship traffic through the immediate area.

The developed restrictions are: “No deep-draft transits during working hours. MSU to fold in at night.”

Transit restrictions are subject to change based on river stages and other conditions, high river transit restrictions could also be a factor at the time of work. 

The Coalition intends to issue our next update one month prior to the start of revetment operations at Missouri Bend or after significant changes to the schedule of work or adjustments made to the revetment locations listed.