Southern Currents 21-025 was issued by CBP New Orleans to update and consolidate previous notices regarding Notifications of Arrival and CBP boarding requests.

Notification of Arrival Procedures: 

  1. Telephonic or email notification will be made to the intended first port of arrival at a minimum of 24 hours prior to arrival. The first port of arrival for Tri-Port purposes is defined as the first location at which the vessel comes to anchor, dock, or rest.
  2. Prior to the arrival of any vessel, coastwise or foreign, into another port (Gramercy or Baton Rouge) within the New Orleans Tri-Port, telephonic or email notification will be made to that port as deemed by the port limits.
    1. Port Limits are defined as follows:
      1. New Orleans – MM127 (Including Dow Chemical), South
      2. Gramercy – MM128 (Occidental) to MM164 (Zennoh)
      3. Baton Rouge – MM165 (Burnside Anchorage), North
    2. Furthermore, telephonic/email notification of any vessel movement or arrival within the Tri-Port will be made to the appropriate port of arrival. (I.e. Vessel movements with no lade order requirement.)
    3. Requests for crew changes, to include both off and on signing crewmen, will be made at the port of arrival and approval given before any such change is made.
  3. All telephone notifications should be made during operating hours at the appropriate port of arrival.
    1. New Orleans – (504) 670-2270 Sun-Sat 07:00-15:00
      Email notification – – 24hrs
    2. Gramercy – (225) 869-3765 Ext.101 M-F 08:00-16:00
      Email notification – – 24 hrs
    3. Baton Rouge – (225) 389-0261 Ext. 114 Sun-Sat 08:00-16:00
      Email notification – – 24 hrs

Failure to comply with these procedures may result in penalty action in accordance with 19 USC §1436.


  • Notifications shall be submitted to CBP on the attached Word Template, or via text email in the exact format on the template.
  •  Email subject line should be formatted as applicable below:
    • ARRL Vessel Name
    • UPDATE Vessel Name

CBP Boarding Requests: 

  • Boarding requests for vessels arriving below mile marker 164 (Zennoh), which include the ports of Gramercy and New Orleans, should be made to the Port of New Orleans.
  • Boarding requests for vessels arriving above mile marker 165 (including Burnside Anchorage) should be made to the Port of Baton Rouge.
  • Report of arrival is not to be confused with CBP Form 3171 Lade Order submission (Reference Southern Currents 18-022). Filing a lade order is not the report of arrival of a vessel.

Please direct any questions about this notice to Passenger Branch Chief Officer Kevin Alombro at (504) 670-2250 or via email at

The current template for electronic/email notifications for arrivals, updates, and departures is available on request. As a reminder, you can also use LAMA’s Commercial Vessel Notification website and smartphone app to submit arrival, update, and departure notices.