The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) recently released the Fiscal Year 2021 Work Plan with historic news for the Mississippi River Ship Channel (MRSC). The Work Plan is the USACE official allocation plan to distribute funding authorized by Congress that is above the amounts listed in the President’s Budget Request.

The President’s Budget Request amount for Operations and Maintenance on the MRSC in Fiscal Year 2020 was $64,000,000, the Work Plan did not increase the amount of funding for USACE channel maintenance. However, the Work Plan did dedicate an additional $3,853,575 for O&M to the Donor & Energy Ports on the MRSC.  More importantly, the Work Plan provided the second and final portion of federal funding needed for the ongoing MRSC Deepening Project (50 feet) with an additional $45,707,000 added to the Construction account. 

Please accept the attached document for a comprehensive update on the FY 2021 Work Plan funding for MRSC projects.