The Corps’ Mississippi Valley New Orleans (MVN) District’s Lock and Waterway Status 60-Day Forecast as issued today (Tuesday, October 13, 2020) is here

The updated or revised status reports are highlighted in bold and mainly provides updates related to navigation structures impacted by Hurricane Delta, mostly in the area of the Calcasieu River. There were no changes listed for the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (IHNC), Algiers, and Bayou Beouf Locks and the East and West Calumet Floodgates.


Hurricane Delta post-landfall status:

The following structures are OPEN and draining, operating in OPEN PASS mode:

Calcasieu Lock

Catfish Point Control Structure

Calcasieu River Saltwater Barrier: “remains open but unmanned, mariners choosing to navigate through the structure will have to do so at their own risk.”

Freshwater Bayou Lock

Schooner Bayou Control Structure



“The Calcasieu River is restricted to vessels drafting less than 25′ during daylight hours and only within the inland reaches of the channel. Known obstructions should be removed by Wednesday/Thursday. Shoaling surveys will continue Tuesday, 13 Oct 2020 & should be complete mid-week. New obstruction identified 12 Oct 2020, possible sunken rock barge at Mile -3.7 in the bar channel. Investigations and development of removal plan is on-going so that channel can be opened by the end of the week.”



           “Remains restricted.”

 Check the Lock Update Website for the latest lock status for all other New Orleans District structures including the ones listed in the special notice above. 

or here: 



The IHNC Lock will be closed to navigation as scheduled beginning on Friday, September 4, 2020 and continuing for approximately 60-days:


“IHNC Lock will be closed to navigation around the clock, 24hrs per day beginning 04 Sep 2020 and lasting approximately 60 days while the structure is dewatered for major repair work.”


[The MVN expected the IHNC Lock repairs to be completed on November 20, 2020 before Hurricane Delta transited through the area, an updated date of completion has been requested.]




The Algiers Lock continues to operate with special restrictions in place due the unstable condition of the dolphin structure adjacent to the upstream river end guide wall:


“Algiers Lock is currently open to navigation with normal locking hours of operation. However, tows are restricted in both directions to a maximum width and length of 54 feet W by 700 feet L or 70 feet W by 600 feet L.  Mariners are advised to continue to avoid the end of the long, river end, guide wall. It is unstable and a hazard to mariners.”




The replacement of the Bayou Boeuf Lock’s Chamber Guide Wall continues with daytime closures scheduled to be completed in May 2021 with full details reproduced below:


“Bayou Beouf Lock is closed to navigation from 7 am until 7 pm (Daylight Hours), Mondays thru Thursday until approximately 31 May 2021 to construct the new south side chamber guide wall.”




The East and West Calumet Floodgates remain closed due to heavy siltation in the channel:


“Continuing until further notice, East and West Calumet Floodgate will remain closed to navigation due to heavy siltation in the channel making it unsafe for navigation.”