The Big River Coalition’s Corps 2020 Revetment Schedule and Transit Restrictions Update 71420 is here for your reference.

The latest schedule issued by the Corps of Engineer’s Mississippi Valley Division is here for your reference (June 19, 2020).

The first revetment operations in the New Orleans area are scheduled for Algiers Point (Mile 93.7 Above Head of Passes) and are expected to begin in early October (2020).

The Coalition intends to issue a reminder approximately one month before the work at Algiers Point begins.

The locations at Plaquemine Bend (Mile 208.5 Above Head of Passes) and St. Gabriel (Mile 200.1 Above Head of Passes) are expected to require the most severe transit restrictions during working hours.

No southbound traffic and northbound traffic is limited to 25 feet or less during working hours.”

Please accept this as the first notice for the 2020 USACE Revetment Operations.