1. NOAA/NWS – Tropical Depression Cristobal (see slides)

What has changed: 

  • No significant changes. Greatest threats continue to be heavy rain and coastal flooding.
  • Landfall due later this afternoon.


  • §A HIGH RISK of flash flooding has been highlighted for portions of southeastern LA and southern/coastal MS mainly for this afternoon through tonight.
    §Coastal flooding will continue to be a concern along open shore lines and outside of leveed areas.
    §Sustained tropical storm force winds and a few tornadoes are also possible now through Monday.
    §The greatest impacts will likely be felt away from the storm’s center on the east side of the track.
  • §Cristobal continues to move Northward around 12mph
    §It is forecast to make landfall this afternoon along the coast of SE LA
    §It has a broad wind field and impacts will extend outside the cone
    §Impacts will continue to spread inland through the day today and will persist through tonight and into Monday
  • §Cristobal continues to be somewhat disorganized as it fights dry air. Because of this, no further strengthening is anticipated prior to landfall.
    §We will be monitoring trends today through Monday as any banding features will be the primary factors to determining where the heaviest rain falls
  1. Corps of Engineers Report.
  • Locks
    • RNA’s have been cleared.
    • Locks staffed and standing by for reopening.
  • All dredges at safe harbor (except GLEN EDWARDS AND NEWPORT which continue to dredge).
  1. Coast Guard Report.
  • Port Condition ZULU set as of 10:00 pm Saturday, 06/06/2020.
  • Monitoring.
  • To reopen the following priorities are in place:
    • SAR
    • Port Assessment
      • Channel surveys
      • Overflights
      • Facility checks
  • Then will reconstitute navigation when safe to do so.
  1. CPRA/Flood Authorities Report.
  • CPRA
    • Coordinating with levee districts monitoring gate closures.
    • Continuing to monitor through the event.
  • Flood Control East
    • Surge barrier sector gate and vertical lift gates closed.
    • Seabrook sector and vertical lift gates closed.
  •  Flood Control West
    • Harvey Canal sector gate to be closed at 11am this morning.
    • West Closure Complex will remain open.
  1.  Stakeholder Reports.
  • Ports
    • Port of New Orleans – Monitoring.
    • Port of Plaquemines – No Report
    • Port of St Bernard – No Report
    • Port of South Louisiana – No Report
    • Port of Baton Rouge – No Report
    • Port of Houma – Monitoring
  • Deep Draft Navigation
    • BAR Pilots
      • All pers and equipment moved to the Venice Station.
      • Dock in Venice is underwater.
      • Will evaluate to reopen when feasible.
    • CRPPA Pilots – Monitoring
    • NOBRA Pilots – Monitoring
    • Fed Pilots – Standing By
  • Shallow Draft Navigation
    • GICA – Monitoring
    • AWO – Monitoring
    • GNOBFA – Monitoring

End of Report.