Here is a summary of today’s meeting.

NOAA/NWS Report  (See 1300 Hrs Update Attached)

Tropical Storm CRISTOBAL

  • Landfall tomorrow afternoon.
  • A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for all of SE LA and SW and coastal MS
  • A Storm Surge Warning (3-5 feet) is in effect for immediate coastal areas from the mouth of the MS River to Ocean Springs (not including Lake Pontchartrain)
  • A Storm Surge Watch (2-4 feet) is in effect for areas from Morgan City to the mouth of the MS River
  • A Coastal Flood Advisory is in effect for Lakes Pontchartrain and Maurepas
  • The probability of sustained tropical storm force winds continues to increase across SE LA and S MS
  • Tropical storm force winds will most likely begin at the coast late tonight, but could begin as early as late this afternoon
  • Most of the heavy rainfall is currently occurring in a band that stretches from the northern Gulf all the way back to the Yucatan
  • Depending on how this feature evolves, it could lead to a prolonged period of heavy rainfall over one area, resulting in flash flooding.
  1.  USCBP Report
  • Blanket Delay in Departure has been issued.  (See attached.)
  1. Corps of Engineers Report.
  • Locks – IHNC on schedule to lock 6 vessels today and close this evening.
    • Harvey will lock local travel.
  • RNA is enacted, locks will start one-way traffic to clear tows/barges into the river.
  • All dredges working seeking or will seek safe harbor when necessary.
  1. Coast Guard Report.
  • Port Condition Yankee has been set for COTP New Orleans. (Attached)
  • Port Condition ZULU anticipated to be implemented at 10:00 pm tonight.
  • RNAs East and West are in effect.
  1. CPRA/Flood Authorities Report.
  • CPRA
    • Coordinating with levee districts monitoring gate closures.
  • Flood Control East
    • Surge barrier expected to be closed at 8pm Saturday.
    • Seabrook will be closed shortly thereafter.
  •  Flood Control West
    • Harvey Canal Sector Gate to close Sunday 9 AM
    • West Closure Complex to close Sunday 4 PM
  1.  Stakeholder Reports.
  • Ports
    • Port of New Orleans
      • Monitoring.
      • Coordinate shutting down bridges with USACE lock operations.
    • Port of Plaquemines
      • No Report
    • Port of St Bernard
      • No Report
    • Port of South Louisiana
      • No Report
    • Port of Baton Rouge
      • No Report
    • Port of Houma
      • Monitoring
  • Deep Draft Navigation
    • BAR Pilots
      • No inbound vessels scheduled.
      • Last outbound u/w at this time to cross out at 1530 hours local.
      • All pers and equipment will be moved to the Venice Station
      • Will evaluate Sunday in hope to reopen Monday.
    • CRPPA PIlots
      • 2 vessels headed to Magnolia.
      • All other downbound vessels will be stopped above the city.
      • Hope to continue to take orders in the harbor.
      • No more orders after 1800 today.
    • NOBRA PIlots
      • NO downbound below city.
      • Local moves continue.
    • Fed Pilots
      • Last vessel departing at 1500.
      • Moving pilots to Venice
      • Will evaluate local harbor moves.
  • Shallow Draft Navigation
    • GICA
      • Monitoring
    • AWO
      • Monitoring
    • GNOBFA
      • Monitoring

End of Report.