MVD MRC River Weather Conditions Update 10Apr20

For your information the latest MVD/MRC River & Weather Conditions Report for April 10th, 2020 is reproduced below:

Drier than normal weather was experienced over the entire watershed during the past week.  This allowed for much of the water to pass through the system.  The current crest in the Upper Mississippi River is near Rock Island this morning with the crest on the Lower Mississippi River near Vicksburg.  Minor to major flood stages are occurring along the entire Mississippi River.

During the next seven days, 1 ¼” of rain/snow will fall over the region north of Dubuque and 1-4” of rain will fall over the region south of Dubuque.  All of this rain will fall tomorrow and Sunday.  Strong tornadoes with widespread damaging winds and large hail are expected on Sunday over the region south of Chester.  Temperatures are expected to run below normal during the next two weeks.

Rock Island:
As mentioned above, the river is cresting right at major flood stage (18′) at Rock Island. Across the river from the Rock Island District, the City of Davenport has installed HESCO baskets to protect their downtown area. The Mississippi River set a record here last year (2019) at 22.7′ where the City had improperly installed baskets that failed last year (see video from 2019). Water levels are now expected to crest either at or just above major flood stage at Rock Island, IL, New Boston, IL, Keithsburg, IL, and Burlington, IA, expecting no major concerns at this time.

Rock Island Official Forecast

2019 Davenport HESCO failure

St. Louis – Cairo – BPNM – Memphis
In the middle reach of the mainstem, the river is starting to fall like a rock. Kentucky and Barkley reservoirs are aligning back to their spring rise on their respective guide curves, having evacuated flood storage from this most recent crest. Cairo is dropping out at a 3-4 foot per day rate. Cairo is forecast to fall below 40 ft by 12 Apr however next three days of rainfall will raise the stages above 40 ft during later part of next week. Kentucky/Barkley pool is currently 357.8 ft.

St. Louis Official Forecast

Cairo Official Forecast

TVA’s  Kentucky Pool Level

On the Lower Mississippi, the crest is now at Vicksburg and Natchez. Steele Bayou remains closed with the YBW 3.5′ higher than the Yazoo River this afternoon. Steele Bayou will peak when the gates are anticipated to open next week.

Steele Bayou (Red is Backwater side; Blue is Yazoo/mainstem side)

Vicksburg Official Forecast

Natchez Forecast

The Bonnet Carre Spillway remains open, with a total of 90 bays open to keep stages at Carrollton steady through the weekend with the anticipated additional rain/flows from this weekend. This is anticipated to be the maximum opening for this event, as flows will begin to fall out next week. It remains to be seen exactly how much longer the bays will remain open, but will be in the 1-2 week range, subject to flow conditions.

New Orleans

For more information, please view the attached River & Weather Conditions Report with rainfall, precipitation forecast information, reservoir & stage data.