The USACE held a Navigation Restoration Team Conference today.

Highlights from today’s conference:  
NWS/NOAA – (See attached for full briefing package)
Hurricane BARRY.
Latest information
▪ Now Hurricane Barry
▪ Hurricane Warning remains in effect from Intracoastal City to Grand Isle.
▪ Tropical Storm Warning in effect Grand Isle to the mouth of the Pearl River, including the
   cities of New Orleans and Baton Rouge and west from Intracoastal City to Cameron.
Immediate Concerns
▪ Increasing bands of showers and thunderstorms with heavy rainfall today.
Long-Term Concerns
▪ Excessive rainfall 10-15 with a narrow band of 15 to 20 inches expected; locally higher
   amounts possible. Life-threatening flash flooding possible!
▪ Gusty winds 30 to 65 mph with some gusts near 80 mph near the center and in bands.
▪ Tornadoes and waterspouts.


    At Southwest Pass
   • This afternoon south winds 30-35kts Gusts to 45kts. Wave heights of 8-12 occasional 15 feet is possible.
   • This evening south 25-30 gusts 40 kts; wave heights 6-10 occasionally 12 feet.
   • Sunday morning south 20-25 gusts 35kts; wave heights 6-8 occasionally 10 feet.
   • Sunday afternoon south near 20kts; wave heights 5 to 7 feet occasionally 9.
   • Monday morning near 15kts gusts 20kts; wave heights 3 to 5 feet occasionally 7.
(See the attached for full details.)
  • All preparations have been made.  Now monitoring.
  • New Orleans (Carrollton Gage) now predicted to crest at 17.
  • No dredging ops in SWP.
  • SWP surveys on Monday at earliest.

  • Port Condition Zulu COTP New Orleans (Closure of Port-Stop all vessel movements) set.  (Click here)
  • USCG conducting Search and Rescue operations.
  • Port Zulu set for COTP Houma which includes Houma, Morgan City, Fourchon, New Iberia, Intracoastal City, Lafayette. 
Levee Districts
  • All river gates closed in Orleans Parish.
  • Seabrook closed.  Sector gates closed or are closing.
  • Monitoring.
  • BAR –
    • Monitoring.
    • Reports of 4-5 meter seas with high wind (35 kt) gusts.
    • Will move equipment and people back down after the storm as soon as they can.
  • CRPPA –
    • Monitoring.
    • Preparing for reopening.
  • NOBRA –
    • Monitoring
    • Reports 20 ships ready to sail.
  • Federal –
    • Monitoring.
    • Developing queue for transits
  • GICA – Monitoring.
  • GNOBFA – Monitoring.