The USACE held a Navigation Restoration Team Conference today.


Highlights from today’s conference:  
NWS/NOAA – (See attached for full briefing package)
Changes from last update:
Tropical Storm Barry.
Tropical Storm Barry located about 95 miles southwest of the mouth of the
Mississippi River.
  • Barry’s heading is west-northwest toward the Louisiana coast.
  • Hurricane warning remains in effect from Intracoastal City to Grand Isle.
  • Tropical Storm  Warning in effect Grand Isle to the mouth of the Pearl River,  including the cities of New Orleans and Baton Rouge and west from Intracoastal City to Cameron.
  • Flash Flood watch remains in effect for the entire area.
  • Heavy rainfall remains the greatest concern with widespread 10-20 inches with locally higher amounts near or greater than 25 inches possibly leading to life-threatening flash flooding.
  • Gusty tropical storm force winds, some storm surge and a few tornadoes are also
threats through the weekend.
  • Winds near southwest pass will relax some Saturday but more so Sunday and Sunday night.


See the attached for full details.
  • RNA activated.  Vessels have cleared the canals.
  • Potential still exists for overtopping at IHNC lock and possibly Harvey lock.
    • Harvey lock is now closed.
    • IHNC lock is now closed.
    • Algiers lock is operational and staffed, but RNA cleared.
  • Dredges in the vicinity of SWP are safely moored and not working.
  • Dustpan dredges at the Crossings are at or headed to safe harbor.
  • There are no plans to open more gates at Bonne Carre based on the current forecast.

  • Port Condition Yankee set yesterday.
  • Expect Port Condition  Zulu (Closure of Port-Stop all vessel movements.) ‘this afternoon’.
  • Port Zulu set for COTP Houma which includes Houma, Morgan City, Fourchon, New Iberia, Intracoastal City, Lafayette. 
Levee Districts
  • Closing all river gates on flood walls in Orleans Parish.
  • Seabrook closed.  Sector gates closed or are closing.
  • Monitoring.
  • BAR –
    • Reports that In-river 4-5 seas with high wind gusts.
    • Operations have shutdown.
    • Oakville floodgate on HWY 23 closed.
    • Will move equipment and people back down after the storm as soon as they can.
  • CRPPA –
    • Having to re-anchor ships now and will continue to do so as long as they can reach the ships via launch.
    • Still have pilots at Pilottown.
  • NOBRA – (No Change – monitor)
    • In order to minimize the number of ships at anchorages which in-turn reduces the danger to the levees, the following applies:
      • NOBRA will swap a ship from an anchorage to a dock, with a ship from that dock to that anchorage (one-for-one) in NOBRA area of responsibility AOR only.
      • NOBRA will not move vessels up from the lower river to anchorages in their AOR.
      • NOBRA will not shift a vessel from a dock to an anchorage if there’s no vessel in that anchorage that’s moving to that dock.
  • Federal –
    • Moving 1 vessel at this time.
    • Standing by.
  • GICA – Monitoring.
  • GNOBFA – Monitoring.