The USACE held a Navigation Restoration Team Conference today.

Highlights from today’s conference:  
NWS/NOAA – (See attached for full briefing package – Note the ’tracks’ are preliminary)
  • High confidence in eventual development of a tropical system.
  • At this time its ‘Potential Tropical Cyclone 2’
  • Possible Tropical Storm late tomorrow or Friday morning.
  • Tropical Storm Watch for mouth of LMR.
  • Large rainfall amounts with up to 18” of rain possible in some areas.
  • Stronger winds expected late Thursday through weekend.
  • New Orleans Carrollton Gage Forecast – Approximately 20’ late Friday into Saturday.

  • Monitoring.
  • Potential overtopping at IHNC lock and possibly Harvey lock.
  • Dredges monitoring.  WHEELER is en rouge New Orleans moorings.
  • Empire lock and sector gates closing.
  • There are no plans to open more gates at Bonne Carre based on the current forecast.

  • Monitoring.
  • Expect Port Condition Whiskey soon with rapid escalate through Zulu (Closure of Port) on Friday.
Levee Districts
  • Closing all river gates on flood walls in Orleans Parish.
  • Will keep Felocity Gate open as long as possible.
  • Monitoring
  • BAR – Monitoring.  Reports that water is over their Venice docks at this time. May have to cease ops as early as this afternoon.
  • CRPPA –  Monitoring.  Closure of LMR Flood gates (Henderson, Felocity, and Napoleon) will prevent pilots from reaching vessels.
    • Flooding in Venice also.  Will coordinate ship transits with BAR Pilots. 
  • NOBRA – No report.
  • Federal – Monitoring.  Expect changes in operations.  Will give as much advance notice as possible.
  • GICA – Monitoring.
  • GNOBFA – Monitoring.