The LMR, which was previously closed between MM 174 to MM 176 (only), is now open to all navigation at that location.Vessels are to proceed at the slowest, safest speed.

The full USCG notice is below.

The M/V AQUITANIA, broken out of the Darrow 175 Buoys, is riding on one anchor and laying against the Left Descending Bank at MM-175.
NOBRA 97 is on board and three tugs are on scene.
The Mississippi River is reopened to all traffic.
All vessels are required to pass at their Slowest Safe Speed, from MM-174.5 to MM-175.5, until the ship can be relocated.

For further information, contact VTS Lower Mississippi River on CH-5a or 67.

Tony Marinelli, Watch Supervisor
U.S. Coast Guard
Vessel Traffic Service Lower Mississippi River
200 Hendee Street, Suite 300
New Orleans, LA 70114