Fog conditions continue to interrupt navigation on the LMR.

Remember, that while it may be clear sailing on one part of the river, other parts may be socked in with fog.
In fact, the BAR Pilots report deck-high fog at the jetty-end at this time.

There has been some mis-information/rumors circulated, such as:
There’s a 35’ draft restriction. Not true.
There’s a 41’ draft restriction. Also not true.

The following still applies:

The fog has shutdown USACE dredging and survey operations for a couple of days. (See update below)
Accordingly, areas of known shoaling where dredging was taking place have not been dredged. (See update below)
And without current surveys, there is uncertainty of actual water depths.
Added to this, shipping on the LMR remains at high levels with available anchorage and dock space limited.

Given these factors, the Pilots are planning the following operations:

  1. There is no change in the current draft restrictions.
    CRPPA Draft Restriction – 45’ Suggested Maximum Draft/One- Way Traffic – (Click here).
  2. BAR Pilot – SWP Draft Restriction – 44’ Recommended Maximum Freshwater Draft From SWP Sea Buoy to MM 1.5 AHOP – (Click here)
  3. Priority is to move vessels ready to sail first to make room in anchorages and at docks/terminals.
  4. Vessels drafting under 41’ will sail first.
  5. Then once pilots on those vessels confirm there are no issues, pilots will begin taking deeper draft vessels (most likely in 1’ increments.)

Updates: Survey boats did work today. However, it takes at least 12 hours for the results of the surveys AND not all areas were surveyed.
Dredges also worked today, but again, not in all areas.

CURRENT Situation:
All Pilot Association are working in a coordinated effort to move vessels.
According to the Pilots:
They have 19 vessels preparing to sail today.
There are 6 vessels currently inbound SWP or preparing to enter SWP at this time.
A cold front is expected to arrive tonight providing relief from fog conditions.
Once the 6 vessels are cleared in, priority is going to be given to clearing as many vessels out of the river as possible.
In this attempt to ‘flush the system’; it is expected the next 24+ hours will be dedicated to outbound/sailing vessels only.
Everything pends clear visibility.
Once the outbound have been cleared, inbounds will start.
Priority will be given to vessels that can proceed directly to berth.
Please forward to me your PRIORITY vessels waiting to cross-in that have a berth waiting for them.

Please send the information in the following format:

  1. Vessel Name.
  2. Cargo on board, or cargo to load.
  3. Awaiting berth.
  4. Vessel Draft.
  5. Other information of why the vessel is high priority.

LAMA will continue to pass information as received.