The LMR is now open at MM 3.5 for vessels with a draft of 30’ or less.  (See below)
USACE surveys are pending to determine if draft restrictions need to be continued/modified.
Currently, the BAR Pilots are beginning to cross-in 7 vessels (including 3 Cruise Ships).
Following the entry of these vessels, pilots will convoy a number of vessels outbound.
Alternate-direction convoying will continue as needed to clear the queue of vessels waiting to enter/sail.
As a reminder, the USACE Revetment Ops at MM 81.3 have been suspended until 0600, Monday, January 7.
One-way traffic remains in effect for that area.
However, the ‘no-daylight-transit‘ restriction for vessels of 700’ or greater LOA is not in effect until Revetment Ops resume on Monday.
Additionally, I received the following from the USCG regarding NOA updates: ———————-

Good afternoon Captain,
As we discussed on the phone, if a vessel was on today’s (vetted) list as cleared to enter, they remain clear to enter when the river reopens.
Please let me know if you need additional information from us.
Best regards,
CDR Tracy Phillips
Chief, Prevention Department
Coast Guard Sector New Orleans


Information will be forwarded as received.

USCG Measure 

The Mississippi River at MM-3.5 AHOP is re-opened to all traffic in both directions, with ship drafts not to exceed 30 ft. until further notice.
Updates will be provided following a review of updated survey data.

For further information, call the number below.

Tony Marinelli, Watch Supervisor
U.S. Coast Guard
Vessel Traffic Service Lower Mississippi River
200 Hendee Street, Suite 300
New Orleans, LA 70114