The Big River Coalition was contacted by several members concerning the ongoing revetment operations at Allendale (Mile 239.2 Above Head of Passes on the right descending bank).

The work at Allendale was originally scheduled to be completed today.  The following restrictions are in place during the work at this location:

                   One-way traffic.  Possible delay for southbound tows and for large northbound tows.  The Mat Sinking Unit (MSU) will be moved out of the way at night.

The revetment work has been delayed by the heavy fog in the area, the fog and restrictions have also created a queue of tows being held up above and below the location. 

The MSU is presently being moved out of the way and no work will be conducted over the weekend, the MSU will resume work at 0500 hours on Monday, November 12, 2018.  The work at Allendale is now expected to be completed on Wednesday, November 14, 2018. 

The transits without restrictions over the weekend should allow the queue to be cleared up before work resumes.

The last schedule of work as provided by the Corps of Engineer’s Mississippi Valley Division is attached, the schedule will soon be updated to reflect the referenced date changes.

The next location for revetment operations is Good Hope (Mile 123.4 AHP on the left descending bank) and with an adjusted start date of Thursday, November 15, 2018 (expected).

Please note the transit restrictions established around the revetment operations and rock work are tentative and subject to change based on the unknown nature of long-term river stage predictions.

The first revetment operations on the Mississippi River Ship Channel are now scheduled to begin at Good Hope (Mile 123.4 Above Head of Passes) on November 15, 2018.

Please note the schedule for the remaining rock work at Port Allen and Rich Bend remains unknown:

Location          Mile

(Right or Left)

     2018 Scheduled Date(s)             Restrictions
*Port Allen 231.5 RDB To Be Determined. *No restrictions, expected.
Rich Bend 153.9 RDB To Be Determined. No restrictions, expected.

An updated shcedule and list of expected restrictions will be distributed as made available by the Corps.

Corps Revetment Schedule 11518.pdf