As reported below, the BAR Pilots are monitoring the approaching storm. As it appears now, if there are any interruptions to service, it is estimated that would happen Sunday afternoon/evening.
LaMA will provide updates as received.

A report of today’s USACE’s Navigation Restoration Team conference follows:

  1. NOAA/NWS Sub-Tropical Storm ALBERTO:
    • Storm just entering the GOM
    • Flash Flood Watch in effect for our area through Tuesday.
    • Latest predicted track has shifted slightly back to the east.
    • Locations of greatest risk are along Mississippi coast and extreme Southeast Louisiana
    • Tropical Storm conditions could begin as early as Sunday afternoon.
    • At this time the expected tropical force winds would arrive late Sunday evening.
    • Tides could run 1 to 3 feet higher.
    • Predicting a high rainfall event.
    • Slides are attached here Alberto_COE_10am
  2. Corps of Engineers remarks:
    • No changes in operations. Continuing to monitor.
    • Dredges watching conditions.
  3. Coast Guard remarks:
    • Internally set Hurricane Condition Three (No affect on industry).
    • Continuing to monitor.
    • No changes in Port Condition at this time.
  4. Flood Authorities remarks:
    • Report – Monitoring and closing flood gates as necessary.
  5. Stakeholder remarks:
    1. Ports – Monitoring Situation.
    2. Deep Draft Navigation:
        • BAR Pilots – Making preparations for Tropical Storm conditions “just in case”.
          Watching Sunday evening when interruptions to service ‘might’ happen.
        • Crescent PIlots – Making preparations and monitoring situation.
        • NOBRA Pilots – Monitoring situation.
        • Federal Pilots – Monitoring situation.


    3. Shallow Draft Navigation – Monitoring situation.

Updates will be provided as received.