SC 24-013

This notice is to inform vessel agents operating on the lower Mississippi River in the New Orleans Tri-port i.e., the consolidated ports of New Orleans, Gramercy and Baton Rouge for vessel entrance and clearance purposes, that Customs and Border Protection [CBP] Vessel Entrance and Clearance System [VECS] oversight will be centralized at the Port of Gramercy, LA. This centralization of managerial oversight for VECS will streamline Tri-port operations, optimize CBP staffing, and provide a single point of contact to industry for issues with VECS.

For VECS issues requiring managerial oversight in the New Orleans Tri-port please contact Port Director James Welch at (225) 268-9454 or at

Outside of VECS issues, vessel agents should continue to coordinate with the appropriate branches in the Port of New Orleans, or the Gramercy and Baton Rouge Port Directors.  There are no changes to traditional, non-automated/non VECS, paper vessel entrance and clearance transactions, processes, and procedures. Vessel agents will continue to coordinate non-automated transactions with the appropriate Marine Division.

Direct questions about this trade notice to Assistant Area Port Director Mark Choina at