SC 24-010

On the date listed above, CBP offices located on the Customhouse first floor, 423 Canal Street, Suite 186, will temporarily relocate due to a planned political demonstration in the area. On Sunday, the CBP Marine Division, Operations Desk, and all uniformed personnel will relocate to the CBP Office at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport [MSY].

NOTE: This relocation does NOT affect the processing of filings posted in the Vessel Entrance and Clearance System (VECS). In Person appointments will be available at MSY between the hours of 1200-1400 by appointment only.

Temporary CBP Port Office information for the dates listed above is as follows:

Location: CBP Office – first floor of the airport terminal near baggage claim carousel #6

Telephone: (504) 303-7663, x 1306

Fax: (504) 303-7675

Any questions can be directed to Trade Chief Denise Emmer at