The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) completed revetment operations at the White Castle #3 location (Mile 192.7 AHP) yesterday and then commenced work at White Castle #2 (Mile 193.4 AHP) (February 8, 2023). White Castle #2 is the last revetment site for Fiscal Year 2022 working hours remain 0600 hours to 1800 hours with completion expected on February 18 (2023).


The Ship Channel will be closed to deep-draft vessels (ships) as detailed below with the no transit restriction in place during working hours (0600 hours to 1900 hours daily) in accordance with the schedule detailed below.


2022/2023 USACE Revetment Schedule and Restrictions

Locations Below Baton


Locations Mile AHP

(Right or Left)

2023 Scheduled Dates Transit Restrictions
White Castle #2 193.4 RDB February 8  to February 10

February 13 to February 18

No deep-draft transits during working hours. MSU will fold in at night.


*NOTE: NO WORK WEEKEND is scheduled for revetment operations this weekend, Saturday, February 11 and Sunday, February 12 (2023). Mat sinking operations are expected to complete about midday tomorrow (Friday, February 10). The USCG typically opens the river with no transit restrictions through the White Castle location once the mat sinking unit is folded-in (Friday, February 10) with the no transit restriction set to resume at 0600 hours on Monday, February 13 (2023).


The New Orleans Baton Rouge Steamship Pilots Association (NOBRA) enforce a daylight only transit restriction for vessels with a draft of 41 feet or greater when transiting above Mile 220 AHP.

The NOBRA Pilots will move restricted vessels (drafts 41 or greater) transiting above Mile 220 AHP with two Pilots on Board while revetment operations are ongoing at the two remaining White Castle sites.

The two pilot adjustment will allow restricted vessels to transit at night in adjustment to the NOBRA restriction listed below:

“Above LMR MM 220, regardless of the river stage, all vessels drafting 41’ or greater are restricted to           

    daylight only.


Vessels must get underway 3 hours prior to the official sunset time.


Exceptions will be made for shifts from berths to/from the Middle Baton Rouge anchorage.”

The USACE has already completed revetment operations at the five locations listed below for Fiscal Year 2022:

  1. White Castle #1           Mile 193.6  AHP (RDB)
  2. Kenner Bend               Mile 111.3  AHP (LDB)
  3. Linwood                      Mile   70.7  AHP (RDB)
  4. Reserve                        Mile 138.7  AHP (RDB)
  5. Greenville Bend           Mile  99.8  AHP (RDB)
  1. White Castle #3           Mile 192.7 AHP (RDB)

Vessels Agents or facilities impacted by the revetment operations please consult with the BRC or LAMA as there may be additional vessels delayed above the revetment operations and impacted by the Mile 220 AHP daylight only restriction with fog/weather as other variables.