SC 23-009

The CBP Field Operations Vessel Entrance and Clearance System [VECS] will be a complete digitization and automation of the Vessel Entrance and Clearance process. VECS will allow vessel masters, operators, and agents to submit certain vessel entry and clearance data and requests to CBP electronically, instead of submitting paper forms, as currently required by CBP regulations. Specifically, this VECS will allow participants to submit the data required on CBP Forms 26, 226, 1300, 1302, 1303, 1304, and 3171 electronically through VECS prior to arrival or departure from designated ports.

Please find information on CBP VECS via the link below:


CBP will begin the VECS live environment testing in early 2023. Upon completion of live environment testing, CBP will begin to rollout VECS at subsequent ports during a national pilot program. As ports are added to the pilot program, CBP HQ will work with local CBP seaports to coordinate training for both CBP field personnel and local vessel agents.

The Area Port of New Orleans anticipates being part of the VECS pilot program in March 2023.  Once the pilot is implemented in New Orleans, vessel entrances and clearances will only be performed electronically via VECS, or traditionally by paper processing with an appointment during Marine Desk business hours.


The Vessel Agency Account Federal Register Notice (FRN) will announce the new Vessel Agency Account type within the CBP Automated Commercial Environment [ACE]. The Vessel Agency account will allow vessel agents to login to a web portal within ACE and be passed over to VECS. Each vessel agency will need to have a vessel agency Top account within ACE, and each vessel agent will need to have their own user account/profile to access VECS. 

Use the link below to apply for a vessel agency top account within ACE:

This process should be started as soon as possible

For technical questions related to the application or requests for an ACE Portal Account, including the VECS button, contact the ACE Account Service Desk by calling 1-866-530-4172, selecting option 1, then option 2, or by emailing

Please direct questions or concerns about this trade notice to Assistant Port Director Mark Choina at