MSIB Volume XXII, Issue 63 will be rescinded and replaced with the below restrictions on December 24, 2022.

The U.S. Coast Guard Captain of the Port New Orleans, under the authority of the Ports and Waterways Safety Act, will establish temporary waterway & anchorage restrictions in all waters along Lower Mississippi River between Mile Marker (MM) 63 to MM 66 Above Head of Passes (AHP). This measure is needed to protect persons and vessels from the potential safety hazards associated with Week’s Marine dredge and pipeline operations in/near the sailing line and will be in effect with the following provisions:

Beginning December 24, 2022 and continuing until further notice:
• All vessels transiting this area shall contact the on-scene dredge, M/V J.S. CHATRY on VHF channel 16, 67 or (985) 237-5041 to coordinate passing arrangements.
• Mariners are urged to use extreme caution and transit the area at their slowest safe speed.
• Alliance Anchorage: Vessels seeking to anchor in Alliance Anchorage shall coordinate with the CG Designated Representative, M/V J.S. CHATRY. A minimum one-half mile separation shall be given between their anchored position and the on-scene dredge unless the Designated Representative authorizes a deviation. Furthermore, the northern 800’ is closed due to a temporarily submerged pipeline crossing. Separately, vessels should be mindful of a submerged pipeline marked w/lighted buoys positioned between the Right Descending Bank and Alliance Anchorage.

Updates and/or changes to the published schedule will be broadcast via Broadcast Notice to Mariners.

For further information, contact the following:

Vessel Traffic Center (24 Hour): (504) 365-2514 or VHF-FM channels 5A, 12 or 67
Sector New Orleans Waterways Management: (504) 365-2280,
Sector New Orleans Command Center (24 hour): (504) 365-2545