SC 21-039
SC 21-039 form

The U.S. General Services Administration [GSA] has provided updated guidance on accessing federal buildings.Effective immediately visitors at federal buildings are required to complete the attached form “Certification of Vaccination Status” indicating their COVID-19 vaccination status.

Upon arrival at the New Orleans Customhouse, U.S. Federal Protective Service [FPS] will require all visitors to complete the attached form, unless completed prior to arrival, for presentation to the agency [CBP] they are visiting.

The visitor maintains this form and may use it for multiple entrances to the customhouse.

Masks are required while inside the customhouse.

Please note that while completion of the attached form is required to enter the customhouse, at this time proof of a negative COVID-19 test for unvaccinated visitors is not required to enter the customhouse to conduct business with CBP.

Any updates to GSA facility procedures will be relayed.

Direct questions about this trade notice to Assistance Port Director Mark Choina at