The below requirement applies to all grain products including seed cakes and DDG.

Summary: A Shipper’s Declaration is required.


“Capt Ron”

Subject: re: Third Party Certificates for Grain By Products
Date: June 1, 2021 at 9:41:01 AM CDT

Good morning Capt Ron,
Please kindly forward the below to agents and concerned parties regarding third party certificates for grain by products:
We have been directed by USCG, which is the Competent Authority on this matter, that third party certification of cargo (grain by products) is not sufficient as Shipper’s Declaration, as quoted: 
After reviewing the IMSBC requirements in 4.2.2,  4.2.3 and reviewing the forwarded attached document.  The attached document (IMSBC Code Certificate) does not provide the required information of 4.2.2 nor the declaration of 4.2.3.  The shipping document and declaration is still required in addition to the lab certificate. 
This requirement will not delay NCB’s issuance of a Certificate of Loading at the time of completion/sailing; however, we will need a copy of the Shipper’s Declaration emailed to our office at the earliest opportunity.
Best regards,
Capt. Emily Lai
Deputy Chief Surveyor – Gulf Ports
Office: (504) 837-1647
Cell:  (504) 301-7274