From: Mark Nelson <>
Subject: 9 mile anchorage
Date: May 15, 2021 at 7:44:47 PM CDT

Captain Ron,
Due to congestion in the area, we will not be using 9 mile anchorage until further notice. 
The vessels currently in the anchorage can remain there until they’re scheduled departure. Thanks. 

Mark Nelson 
=========================== From USCG:
Due to the closure of the Harvey Canal until approximately May 21, 2021, there is an unusually large amount of towing vessel traffic above and below the Algiers Canal fore bay area of the Mississippi River. 
Mariners are reminded to be aware of traffic congestion and towing vessels waiting in queue to enter Algiers Canal Lock, above and below Lower Nine Mile Pt MM-86.5. 
Ocean-going vessels are recommended to avoid meeting and overtaking other vessels while transiting Lower Nine Mile Pt, and fleets are recommended to minimize fleeting operations in this area.
Watch Supervisor
U.S. Coast Guard
Vessel Traffic Service Lower Mississippi River
200 Hendee Street, Suite 300
New Orleans, LA 70114