The National Cargo Bureau has issued a new Grain Stability Calculation Form.
The new form is now required for calculations presented by grain laden vessels.
Full explanation is provided below by NCB.


“Capt Ron”

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Fw: Updated Required NCB Grain Stability Calculation Forms and New Guidance Document
Date: January 7, 2021 at 9:03:44 AM CST

Good Morning and Happy New Year Capt Ron
We have just received a new revised NCB Grain Stability Calculation Form (NCB Form 7 (Dec 2020).
Our corporate office requires this form to be used for any new calculations presented by grain laden vessels. There are both pdf and fillable pdf versions of this form.
A new third document – Grain Stability Form Guidance – is a reference document which should be read carefully prior to filling out the forms to ensure a correct outcome..
All of the attached forms are also available through our website under the publications tab.
We thank you for disseminating these forms to your member agencies.
Best Regards,
Capt. Geoff Bolton
Senior Surveyor, Port of New Orleans
 National Cargo Bureau
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