As a result of the Baton Rouge gauge reading 16 feet and rising, the COTP New Orleans has cancelled the Safety Advisory published in MSIB Volume XX Issue 110, dated October 5, 2020.

The following regulation remains in effect:

Movement of Vessels in the Vicinity of 81 Mile Point, LMR MM 177-179:

In accordance with 33 CFR 161.65(e), all vessels moving or intending to move in the 81 Mile Point VTS Special area shall comply with the reporting requirements detailed in the VTS Lower Mississippi River User Manual or in 33 CFR 161.65 by contacting “New Orleans Traffic” on VHF FM Channel 05A.

For further information, contact the following:

CG Marine Safety Unit Baton Rouge Waterways Management:  (225) 281-2875
CG Vessel Traffic Service Lower Mississippi River (24 hours): (504) 365-2230, VHF-FM Ch. 5A, 12, or 67
CG Sector New Orleans Command Center (24 hours):  (504) 365-2200