We have been notified by Captain Michael Bopp, President of the CRPPA that due to the number of vessels being moved post storm; CRPPA is beginning to run short of on-duty rested pilots.
In order to meet the demand for ship movements, CRPPA may have to call in off-duty pilots.
Captain Bopp has asked me to share this draft letter which explains the fees applicable to using an off-duty pilot that has been called in to move ships.
When a vessel requests a CRPPA pilot’s service, but all on-duty CRPPA pilots are either assigned or have not received proper rest, the vessel may:
(a) wait until an on-duty pilot is available to navigate the vessel (incurring the normal tariff rate); or
(b) request that an off-duty CRPPA pilot navigate the vessel at a charge of twice the normal rate for that pilot’s services under the published tariff.