SC 20-044

Due the approach of Hurricane Sally in the New Orleans metropolitan area, the CBP New Orleans Marine Division will close at 4 PM on Monday, September 14, 2020.

See Southern Currents 20-043 dated Sunday, Sept. 13, where a Blanket Delay in Departure was issued and remains in effect.

As a reminder, while the Marine Division is closed, hours/days do not count when calculating timeframes for:

  • Vessel formal entrance after arrival [48 hours] (19 CFR  4.3a);
  • Filing complete manifests and export declarations [4 days] (19CFR 4.75b).

When the MS River Pilots and USCG Captain of the Port lift vessel movement restrictions on the Mississippi River, the Blanket Delay in Departure will be lifted, and the Marine Division will re-open.  A Trade Notice will be disseminated.

Any emergent marine division issues or questions about this trade notice should be relayed to Denise Emmer, Chief of Trade, via email at