The following information regarding FGIS scheduling and prioritizing was received from the New Orleans Field Office management:

Stowage Examinations 

Ship hold Dispatchers:    Wallace Martin & Nathaniel Puryear

Office phone:    985-235-5044

Cell phone:        985-805-0255


Emergency Contact:  Dwan Moore (Supervisory Quality Assurance Specialist)

Office Phone: 985-235-5086  

Cell phone:  504-402-8857


Ship hold examinations currently can be requested using the office phone number 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Leave a message with the ship name (spell out the name), date and time of request, anchorage, and boat launch service; the dispatchers listen to the message as received during the hours of 0500-1500Monday through Fridayand weekends at 0500. Requests made after 1500 will be assigned the following day. If the dispatchers cannot be reached or an emergency situation occurs, the Supervisory Quality Assurance Specialist (QAS) can be contacted.

In the future, the MyFGIS application will be an additional option for requesting ship hold examinations. Requests will be made through the application and accepted by dispatchers through the application with no phone call needed.  

Dispatchers will use the following priority system for assigning teams for the daily line-up.

  1. The Anchorage with highest total number of stowage examination requests for the day with the earliest requested inspection time will receive top priority.
    1. In cases where two Anchorages have the same number of requests, the closet anchorage from the ship hold team’s starting location will be inspected first.
    2. If multiple ships are at one location, ships are inspected in the order in which requests were received.  
  2. After first anchorage is covered, the priority system starts over until all ship hold requests are performed.   

Dispatchers will utilize two teams during normal operation and additional teams can be dispatched with  management approval to head off any non-service issues (roll-overs) and/or determine other options for support. Ship hold teams will arrive at the first anchorage starting at 0700 

Line-up sheet will contain motor vessel name and phone number of stowage examination team assigned to your vessel. If your motor vessel is not assign a team, on the requested date, call the dispatch office for inquiries.