Southern Currents 20-037

REMINDER: Temporary Vessel Entrance and Clearance Payment Procedures – COVID-19 Response

The CBP Marine Division granting formal entrance will sign, seal and return the CBP Form 1300 to the vessel agent as a pdf. file attached to the original email.  The amount due to CBP will be indicated on the CBP Form 1300.

Vessel user fees and tonnage tax payments may be mailed to the port granting formal entrance (certified mail, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) with a tracking number, or submitted in person.  Payment should be made/received within 48 business hours, excluding weekends and Holidays. Tracking numbers for payments should be shared equally between CBP and vessel agents to ensure proper delivery and receipt of payment. When providing payment, ensure the vessel name and shipping agent’s Tax Identification number are included on the check.

Once CBP receives the payment, a mobile cash receipt will be forwarded to the vessel agent.

The owner or operator of the vessel maintains the responsibility for submitting payment  in a timely manner or will lose this temporary privilege.

Questions comments and concerns about this notice may be directed to Assistant Port Director Mark Choina at