Port remains closed to all navigation (ZULU).
No estimation of when the LMR will be reopened at this time.
The USCG has scheduled a Conference Call for 1400 today.
Today’s Report:
1. NOAA/NWS – Tropical Depression Cristobal (see attached slides)
What has changed: 
  • No significant changes. Greatest threats continue to be potential heavy rain and coastal flooding.
– Cristobal continues to move farther inland and conditions will generally continue to improve across the region today

Tides remain elevated, and a coastal flood advisory is in effect for all coastal areas as inundation of less than 3 feet will be possible during high tide today
There is some potential for heavy rainfall as the trailing broken rain band moves across the area, especially if the band solidifies and results in a prolonged period of rain
– Trailing and broken bands of rainfall will continue to move through the area today
If the bands solidify and result in a more prolonged period of heavy rain fall over anyone area, flashflooding could still occur
– Water levels should peak lower today than yesterday, but there could still be inundation of less than 3 ft, mainly in the most vulnerable areas during the time of high tide
– Expect tide levels to gradually return to near normal over the next few days
– See slide show for further information.

2. Corps of Engineers Report.
  • Locks
    • GIWW locks are fully operational and staffed.  Will lock traffic when USCG reopens navigation.
  • Dredges
    • Two hopper dredges (Glen Edward and Newport) continued operating through the storm.
      • Both are tempting to survey the centerline channel.
    • Survey boats are trying to get out to survey the SWP but facing winds/waves.
    • Other dredges remain in safe harbor.
3. Coast Guard Report.
  • Port Condition ZULU.
  • Still no estimation of Reopening the Port.
  • To reopen the following priorities are in place:
    • SAR
    • Port Assessment
      • Channel surveys
      • Overflights (delayed due to weather)
      • Facility checks
      • Vehicle harbor patrols. 
4. CPRA/Flood Authorities Report.
  • CPRA
    • Continuing to monitor gates and doing damage assessments.
  • Flood Control East
    • Opened GIWW Surge Barrier Sector Gate at 0930 this morning.
    • Seabrook Sector gate is still closed.
  •  Flood Control West
    • Harvey Sector gate is closed.
    • West Closure Complex remained open.
5.  Stakeholder Reports.
  • Ports
    • Port of New Orleans
      • Monitoring.
    • Port of Plaquemines
      • Monitoring.
    • Port of St Bernard
      • No Report
    • Port of South Louisiana
      • No Report
    • Port of Baton Rouge
      • No Report
    • Port of Houma
      • Monitoring
  • Deep Draft Navigation
    • BAR Pilots
      • Sent pilot boats to do centerline survey of SWP this morning.
      • SWP Station is up and fully staffed.
      • Ready to go when USCG opens the LMR.
      • Coordinating ship movements with CRPPA>
    • CRPPA PIlots
      • Ready to go.
      • Waiting for the USCG to reopen.
    • NOBRA PIlots
      • Waiting to go.
    • Fed Pilots
      • Ready to go.  2 inbound and 3 outbound when river reopens.
  • Shallow Draft Navigation
    • GICA
      • Monitoring
    • AWO
      • Monitoring
    • GNOBFA
      • Monitoring
End of Report.