NOBRA Letter May 11, 2020

The NOBRA Pilots have made the following adjustments to their High Water Restrictions:
The following provisions from NOBRA’s letter of March 30, 2020 have been rescinded:
1.  All vessels operating within the Baton Rouge Harbor (i.e. MM 225 AHP-MM 234 AHP) shall utilize tethered tug escorts with adequate horsepower alongside while transiting above the I-10 bridge to the dock, as well as departing the dock and transiting downbound past the I-10 bridge;
2.  Only one vessel at a time will be allowed to be underway between the I-10 bridge and the U.S. 190 bridge; and
3.  Mile 170.0 AHP to Mile 232.2 AHP, all vessels shall be daylight only

The following provision from NOBRA’s letter of April 6, 2020 was set to expire with the Baton Rouge gauge at 40’ on the fall in combination with the Carrollton gauge at 16’ on the fall.
However, the provision has been extended and is now in effect ‘until further notice’.
1.  Vessels anchoring in NOBRA’s area of responsibility with a draft of 35 ft. or greater shall maintain a pilot on board while at anchor to insure the safety of the vessel.
This emergency procedure shall remain in effect until further notice.